Many companies still do not have a presence on the internet. Some other companies have a flat and stale website which has not been updated for years.

A slow response to current online trends means they are not maximising the potential of their business, and are probably missing out on a lot of customers.

Getting your business online and keeping up to date is hugely important – but is it expensive?



In theory, lots of people could set up a website – but we at ISFX create effective websites which are engaging, instill credibility, build brand identity, deliver intended messages, and translate visitors to customers. Your website reflects your business online, so it’s important to select a web designer you trust to implement your ideas and convey your image correctly.

One common phrase that is true regarding website design is that you often get what you pay for. Websites that are properly coded, nicely designed, well thought-through, and containing plenty of industry-specific and rich content which is optimised to be read equally by search engine algorithms and by human beings.

Websites need to be structured, well planned and thought through for an optimal visitor experience. Design is not just about whether a website looks good, but also about a smooth navigation, layout, flowing structure, and not over cluttered but contains all the info visitors expect to find.

Web design must consider search engines, updates, functionality, and future-proofing. It is a balance of design complexity, website speed performance, responsiveness for different screen sizes, security and readability. These things very rarely just fall into place, nor happen by themselves – there is a lot of hard work, thought, planning, and testing behind every effective website.





Web design agencies often have to generate a list of domain name ideas and suggestions for their clients as part of a project. Creatives have to ideate and research a number of possibilities, and consider from a number of different angles – SEO, speed to type, human readability, domain name extension, search engine algorithms and more.



Every website needs to be hosted on a remote server to keep it online, so you’ll need the best hosting provider. Be careful you compare like with like, and be aware of any limits which are often imposed by hosting providers (ISFX impose none – “unlimited” means unlimited).



Having the best website design hosted online is great, but websites require visitors to convert into customers/users/subscribers. SEO, advertising and marketing are required to attract visitors and increase search engine ranking. Over 90% of all internet activity begins with a search engine, and the top 3 results get over 60% of the people searching for a particular word or phrase. So it’s really important to have a high Google rank, as well as a high ranking in Yahoo, Bing and the other search engines.



The best web design and marketing agencies offer their clients a full service. Modern web design and internet marketing in 2017 involve a lot more than coding, styling and quoting a range of services and prices. Another set of skills in business, as well as industry-specific knowledge, is required in an ‘all inclusive’ approach. This includes extensive behind-the-scenes research, planning, conceptualisation, and testing coupled with a proven website design process to ensure every website ISFX create delivers on its aims and meets (or surpasses!) our clients’ expectations.


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