ISFX’s involvement in the global Founded X initiative began one year ago in September 2015. We were interested in doing a refreshing project to get out of the daily grind so we contacted Tim & Maarten from Go Weekly. Tim & Maarten built Founded in Holland and we wanted to do the same for Scotland to showcase our thriving startup community – a startup scene which maybe doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, despite Scotland’s rich history of successful innovations.

The Founded X initiative turned out to be really popular and Tim and Maarten were flooded with requests from local startup communities for permission to make sites of their own. They decided to start a central website to develop the initiative and showcase the local startup communities. We joined them and carried out some backend and frontend development, using Maarten’s designs.

Tim and Maarten put together a really cool startup community analysis page which lists, among other things, how much a beer costs in each Founded X country – a very important startup statistic! We added a database of all startups on Founded in Scotland to add more depth and information to the free resource.

Some technologies used in this project were: Google App engine, the Google Drive API (for collecting statistics data) and Stripe (startup listing payments – not currently in place on Founded in Scotland’s site, so it’s free!)

Find your local startup community at or join Founded in Scotland for free.