Some people would argue that many websites look the same – the logo in the top left corner, and menu in the top right. Below that, a banner image, followed by the main site content below… But we beg to differ.

Go beyond boring – combine slick and proven user-friendly design elements with unique features that make your website stand out from the crowd, without breaking the budget. What design elements and features can be incorporated? We’ve listed some below.

1. Create a Unique Visual Theme

Unique and attention catching graphics, visuals and colors can really make your website stand out from the crowd. Images, videos and animations made specifically for your website are particularly impressive and encourage a following of brand loyalists! A good example of this is HalfBikes. Visitors to HalfBikes’ website are greeted by an impressive and well-edited video. It’s simple and straight to the point, yet playful and enticing.

2. Unconventional Shapes

Don’t be square (or a rectangle): there are lots of other, far more interesting and attention-grabbing shapes that can be used in digital design. Consider using ellipses, diamonds and shapes with more than four sides like hexagons and octagons. CSS3 makes it easy to create such shapes without using images on webpages which, among other issues, slows the page loading speed.

3. Go Crazy with Layout

Forget about templates and grid systems – anything goes and sky’s the limit! Imagine how your website will captivate and convert users with an eye-catching, user-friendly and streamlined design. Make visiting your website a unique and amazing experience for everyone!

4. Video

Pictures can tell a thousand words, but a well-edited video can say more than a million. Videos made specifically for your brand are a great way to communicate what you’re offering to the visitors of your website. A well-edited video can display a chain of events or procedures quickly, effectively and without language barriers. Movement on a webpage catches the eye and, even in a few milliseconds, conveys at least part of your message to your audience. The addition of video to a website creates a more engaging and interactive user experience, and with today’s technology of HTML5 implementation is pretty simple too.

5. Use Different Layouts

Clever and successful brands often surprise their fan base to maintain the buzz around the brand and keep people talking about it – smart website designs can do the same. Consider reversing the color scheme, and using different fonts and layouts on certain pages. Brand consistency and recognition is important of course, so it’s wise to maintain a specific pattern throughout the site so visitors are not confused. However, your content presentation can be varied page to page for a totally unique effect.


Website design and digital graphics change and improve as technology, fashion and trends change over time. But you don’t have to completely reinvent the wheel to make a website stand out, while maintaining user friendly navigation and a fluid and natural user experience – try the suggestions in this article.

One of the coolest things about web design is that it never stands still – coders and designers are constantly pushing the boundaries of digital design.