The number of apps in existence is increasing rapidly – 1000 new apps are added to the Apple Store every day. As a result, the importance and value of App Store Optimization can be put into perspective. ASO is undoubtedly soon to be as large an industry as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – if not even larger!

ISFX Media and ASOhub have six top ASO tips for readers as we start a new year in 2016. So without further ado, let’s reveal the tips (in no particular order):

Tip 1:
Have a plan for your app’s future development. For instance: incorporate a new feature into your app each quarter (i.e. every 3 months or so), & bug fix and update the metadata every month to ensure an optimal experience for users. Release a major upgrade or increased functionality every year, or every few months if possible.

Tip 2:
Monitor the number of downloads, user ratings and reviews for your app and for your competitors apps. Find out exactly what users think of your app and what it might be missing compared to competitors. Friends and family may offer opinions similar to your own or just what you want to hear. Real users, especially those who have paid for your app, will not hold back with honest (if not sometimes brutally honest) comments, feedback, opinions and suggestions. Do not take offence: try and identify constructive criticism and address any serious issues highlighted by users.

Tip 3:
Check out the hottest and fastest growing apps in your sector: Do not copy, but ascertain and replicate the sources of their success. Ask yourself why their app is performing well. Where are they getting traffic from? Do they use paid advertising? Is their app’s page in the App Stores more effective than yours? In which category in the App Stores is their app?

Tip 4:
Expand your user base by teaming up with complimentary apps (especially those featured by Apple or Google). Reach out to other developers with polite emails or messages. Highlight the synergy between your app and theirs, as well as pointing out the potential benefits of a mutual arrangement or partnership. Try and offer something the other party is lacking, especially if it is something you do really well.

Tip 5:
App indexing – ensure your iOS app content is indexed by Google, as it’s not just for Android apps these days.

Tip 6 (our most important tip!):
Keep up to date and informed with the latest App Store news and goings-on with ISFX Media’s regular tips and articles.

Happy optimizing!