Most people appreciate the value of crafting stunning content, but the importance of ensuring your website running quickly and smoothly is often neglected. In our experience, many small businesses and individuals make the wrong choice because they are not fully aware of their needs and what exactly some services include.

Smart entrepreneurs use online content like websites and blogs to attract potential clients and engage with current and previous customers. But the internet can be a confusing place for newbies; domain names, different website platforms, hosting, site maintenance, and so on – it can be a lot to take in and soon gets confusing. So what’s the best way to find out about these things and discover the best option for you? It can be helpful to consider these concepts alongside the analogy of owning an automobile.

Assume your website is your vehicle, and your parking space is your hosting. Clearly, there are different places you can park your car, but some places are better, more accessible and more secure than other places – there is on-street parking (cheap hosting), and there is private parking in a secure garage (premium hosting).


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Websites, like automobiles, require regular maintenance and security if you expect them to take you to your desired destination. As with a car, you want to keep your website safe from damage and protect it from being stolen from deviants and other interlopers. Websites are hacked and stolen frequently – website security is necessary.


Maximizing profits is perhaps the main objective of most businesses and brands. Poor website hosting and/or failure to properly maintain your website can have devastating impacts on your earnings and brand image:

• Loss of Income. If your website is down or not functioning as it should, would-be customers are not be able to find information about your products or services, nor are they able to purchase them – a huge problem if you run an E-commerce website, costing potential sales and income, and the brand image tarnished as shoppers are unlikely to return.

• Security Breaches. There is no such thing as perfect security in this world, however a reputable website hosting company performs regular backups on a remote server, so your site can be restored quickly just in case your site is somehow compromised. Good hosting companies offer technical support and assistance with security issues 24/7.

• Negative Impact on SEO & Google Rank Search engines penalize websites that are repeatedly down. When search engine spiders attempt to crawl your site in order to list your webpages in their directories and your site is not able to be accessed, this will give adverse effects on your site’s ranking.


So how should you go about selecting a trustworthy, high performance and reliable web hosting company?


Check out some of our tips to aid your decision:

• Check their Uptime Track Record. Good hosting providers should ensure maximum uptime – search for a provider that guarantees an average of 99.9% uptime.

• Check their Reputation. Look for a hosting provider with an excellent reputation by checking independent review sites and researching the hosting company itself. Any reputable business should state who is behind the website. Check reviews from their current and previous clients, and check their maintenance schedules and average downtime statistics on independent websites.

• Check for Reliable Customer Support. As the internet never sleeps, the hosting provider you choose should ideally have support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Test the customer services’ knowledge in a live chat session before you sign up to gauge the expertise and skill level of support staff.

• Check the Cost. “You get what you pay for” is one of life’s most true sayings in our experience. Most website owners cannot afford long periods of downtime. Quality website hosting and maintenance services may cost more initially, however they are much more reliable in the long run – like insurance, it’s a safety net, and worth its weight in gold when you really need it.


Selecting the cheapest web hosting company based solely on the attractiveness of the cost is not worth the headaches and hassle, not if, but when your site goes down. There’s many hosting companies offering their services, but it’s really important to pick your provider carefully – your business and income depends on it.

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